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Business - To help run an effective and efficient business easily, these Business Calculators help with the mathematical side of things so everything moves smoothly.

  • Budget - Budget Calculator and Information helps to make a budget easy, by doing the math for you.
    It can be made into a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly budget and show you how much you are able, or allowing, to spend.

  • Discounting - Discounting can be hard, if you don't do it with thought you could overall lose money. This calculator will make sure you take everything into account to make your discount pay off for your business.

  • Gross Margin - Gross Margins informs you on how much money you will make from the selling price based on the mark up from the cost price. This calculator does it for you.

  • GMROII - Gross Margin Return On Inventory Investment. Are you getting the best return from your investment in stock.

  • Stockturn - Are you carrying too much stock? Check here.

  • Gross Profit - Gross Profit Calculator allows you to enter all the data for your costs, savings and earnings and gives the gross profit from the calculator. This helps run an efficient and effective Business.

  • Interest - Interest is a natural part of the money world in this day and age. These Calculators can help you make the most of it too earn and save with a bank, a mortgage, or your superannuation. It can also help with math problems.

    • Compound Interest - Compound Interest is often used by banks, so it is nice to know how much you can make over a time period simply by investing your money in a saving account.

    • Mortgage - A Mortgage can be a cause of stress for many families. Sometimes just knowing the numbers can lessen that stress. This Mortgage Calculator does all the mathematics so you can choose a desirable payment method and timeline.

    • Simple - Simple Interest is the simplest interest to calculate, hence the name, and is often used as an approximation for compound interest.

    • Superannuationn- Superannuation is important if you are considering retirement, no matter how far off in the future. To enjoy a rich lifestyle once you've finished working requires money from somewhere. This comes from the superannuation of our working lives. To find out how much you'll have to spend in retirement, use this superannuation calculator..

  • Markup- Markup is the reason businesses actually make money. This calculator gives the numbers so you can choose the right markup to have a reasonable gross profit whilst keeping a price that will maintain healthy sales..

Conversions-- These calculators make conversions between different measuring systems a simple task. Most prominently conversions between the metric and imperials systems for various measurements.

  • Area - This handy Area Calculator is useful for converting between different units of area, both the (S.I.) Metric and Imperial.

  • Fuel - Fuel Consumption Calculator is great for finding out how efficient your vehicle is so that you can easily judge how far you can make on a tank of fuel. It can also be used for conversion between the metric and imperial systems.

  • Length - This Length Conversion calculator is extremely useful for converting between different units of length and also between the Metric and Imperial Systems.

  • Pressure - Pressue is the force applied perpendicularly to an object per unit area. This calculator will help you convert between the different pressure units, including Pascals, mmHG.

  • Rainfall - Rainfall calculator allows a conversion between the commonly used measurements of rainfall, inches and millimeters.

  • Speed - It can be interesting knowing your speed, and especially being able to use that speed to determine how long it will take at that speed to go a certain distance.

  • Temperature - Temperature is often important to know, especially in science as reactions and elements have different properties at different temperature, the most obvious of these being physical state, solid, liquid or gas (or plasma). Being able to covert from standard units of temperature to Kelvin is also highly important, as most scientific formulas use Kelvin if they require temperature.

  • Time - Ever wondered how many seconds are in a day. Or what fraction of a year your 1 hour class is taking up. Well this Time Calculator does all the mathematics for you, all that is required of you is the inquisitive nature to find out.

  • Volume - Volume calculator is a useful calculator for converting between the many different measurements of volume. This helps whenever you want to know if you have the space left for that bit more.

  • Weight - If you have ever heard someone tell you their weight in stone and just been uncertain as to how much that was, this calculator will convert that in to kilograms. It is a highly useful calculator for converting between metric and imperial units.

Health- There are many calculations that can help build the motivation to get in shape, as the small differences make the big difference. These calculators can help you along the way to a healthier, fitter you.

  • Heart - When getting fit, knowing your heart rate is vastly important as it can help you determine the calories being burnt and how hard you are working. Knowing your heart rate is also a great way of tracking your improvements as the fitter you get, the more you'll get done at the same average heart rate.

  • Temperature - This temperature conversion calculator helps make sure you get the conversions between each system correct. This can be vastly important especially if required for cooking to make sure it doesn't burn or it actually cooks, vastly important to avoid problems such as food poisoning.

  • Volume - This volume conversion calculator can be used for any volume conversion, but is notably useful for cooking. Especially in scenarios when there is a need for a measurement but no tool for that paricular measurement. A quick conversion allows you too use a different measuring tool.

  • Weightloss - If you are trying to lose weight, this is the calculator for you. Because knowledge is power. Power to motivate. Power in measurable goals. Power in knowing what you have to do. Starting with a BMI Calculator you get a starting point to keep coming back to to see improvements. There is also information about kilojules and calories with regards to food.

Science - These science calculators are aimed mostly at university students so they can cross check some answers and for some calculators get a run through the processes.

  • Ideal Gas Law - Thermodynamics takes a large part in both Physics and Chemistry, especially at a University level. This Ideal Gas Law Calculator not only does the calculations for you, but it gives a tutorial in how to calculate the Ideal Gas Law and what to use it for so it can translate into good exam marks. Boyle's Law, and Charle's Law are also included.

  • Heart Rate - There is a lot of science behind Heart Rates. The research allows us to know that specific training zones exist that are ideal for different purposes including fat burning, recovering and cardiovascular improvements. There is also a theoretical maximum heart rate for everyone which is generally based on age, but also fitness levels.

  • Mechanics - Mechanics is a large topic within Physic studies. It has to do with objects and their motions. This section is currently under development, but is soon to contain a large portion of the calculations that go with most of the standard formulas within the topic.

    • Displacement - Displacement is a vector quantity that measures the distance between two objects. Change of displacement can be calculated from other quantities. This calculator shows one of those.

    • Range - When shooting a projectile, it is often important to know its range, especially if you are attempting to hit a target, because then if you can calculate the optimal angle to get a specific range and hit that target.

    • Velocity - Velocity is the vector quantity of speed. It plays a huge roll in almost all aspects of Mechanics, so it is immensely important to know about it.

    • Weight - This weight calculator reminds us that weight and mass are different. Mass is a constant whereas weight changes under force influences. So for a bit of fun, find out your weight on another Planet where there is a different gravitational pull. This also tells you what that weight is in Newtons.

Sport - Sport is such a huge part of so many peoples lives. These Sports Calculators make it easier to monitor your training, improvments and goals.

  • Heart Rate and Training Zones - Knowing your heart rate zones is highly important for setting training targets. Whether it be for losing weight or gaining fitness. Knowing what heart rate to aim for helps you make the most out of your session, so you continue to improve. This Heart Rate Zones Calculator helps you find your ideal training zones. 

  • Speed - This speed calculator is made so that you can easily monitor your training and how it is translating towards your goals. It makes it easier to find goal times for a distance when you have a target pace that you're after. Or it can be used to decide on a target pace by knowing your total time and distance.