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There are many different ways you can use the weight conversion calculator below. If you think it might be able to calculate something to do with weight, it probably can - give it a go. Here are some suggestions on the types of problems it can solve:

  • I have 3 grocery items. The packets claim that one weighs 2kg, one is 1 pound and one is 6 ounces. How heavy will the contents of the shopping bag be in kilograms?

  • How close is 1 ton to 1 tonne?

  • How many grains in 1 pound plus 1 kilogram?

  • How close is half a kg to one pound?

The Weight Conversions Calculator will help you convert metric weights to imperial weights and imperial weights to metric weights. The Weight Conversion Calculator will also help you convert weights within the metric system and convert weights within the imperial system.  For instance you can convert tonnes to kilograms or grams.  You can also convert stone to pounds, ounces, grains or even to kilograms.


Have fun using the Weight Conversion Calculator and remember this calculator is designed as a guide we can't guarantee that it fits your purpose perfectly.


See below for further instructions on how to use the Weight Conversion Calculator or to find links to some of the other calculators on this site!


Weight Conversions

Instructions for the Weight Conversion Calculator

There are a few things you should pay special attention to: -


  • the way you enter the numbers. Only enter numbers and a single decimal point - The program is good at finding numbers amongst other stuff, however, it can be confusing if you put commas in your numbers because whilst you might think they are part of a number, the calculator doesn't.

  • the program is highly accurate in percentage terms but not in absolute terms. Therefore, if you are using lots of significant places the last places are likely to be incorrect but the size of the error will be a small portion of the whole number.

  • be wary of large numbers because numbers that are too big for the space the computer provides are not reported, you just get incorrect or silly results.