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Budget Calculator

Staying within your limits

Rule number one about budgets – “budgets are always wrong”. So if budgets are always wrong, why do them. That is where rule number 2 comes in. “The second budget is not as wrong as the first” and naturally rule number 3 is that “the third budget is not as wrong as your second”. Your budgets get better with practice. Your budgets get better when you compare your actual performance to your budgeted performance. Not only will budgets help you stay on track, but as you get better at them they will help you map out your future.

Budgeting can be used in many circumstances as a means of saving money, time, or some other unit. Often it will require willpower to avoid overspending your resource, but sticking to this budget will allow you to save as much as the budget allows.

This calculator is based on money, but can be adapted to use some other value, such as instead of using dollars as the currency using minutes (time). This means the budget calculator can be used to quickly budget your time to differing tasks, such as work, leisure, sport/exercise, cooking, travel, family.

Often it is good to overestimate your expenditures in order to allow for an extra savings when things go right, but to not go under if things don’t quite go your way and something costs more than expected, be that unexpected travel delays, or an increase in a goods value.

The above video shows a quick guide as to how to use the calculator including a few tips to get the best use from it.

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Budget Calculator