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Calculating Superannuation

The Interest of Retirement

Superannuation is highly important in saving money for our retirement through the use of interest.  This page helps you calculate the savings you will earn through superannuation using calculations based on deposits, rates and time.  

The calculation is based on a fixed payment each period and it assumes a constant interest rate; therefore you will need to calculate the total number of payments you intend to make. To do this we ask you to enter the desired number of years you plan to invest for and the number of payments per year. Therefore if you plan to make monthly deposits you will enter 12 payments per year.

Next you will need to enter how much you plan to invest each period. This model assumes a constant investment over the nominated time.

Finally you need to enter your expected rate of return. This is an important point to understand. Your interest will be calculated based on the number of payments per year. So if you have one payment per year then your interest will be calculated annually. If you have 12 payments per year your interest will be calculated monthly.

Complete the data entry form below and calculate your projected savings.

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Superannuation Calculator